The Project Display

At the EU Contest, contestants will set up their projects for display. The project must both conform to the strictest safety requirements and be suitable for public

display. In particular, experiments that involve radioactive substances, dangerous equipment, toxic and carcinogenic materials are all excluded from public display.

Any project that is seen to violate the EU policy on animal experimentation will be excluded. For example, projects that involve experiments on living animals (invertebrates included) shall not be accepted.

A good display is essential so that the Jury can appreciate the quality of the project. The projects are presented on a stand with side walls and must not exceed the dimensions that are given in the diagram below. The display may include, for example, working models, a video, and other demonstration material.

Project displays that exceed the stand dimensions will be disqualified from taking part in the EU Contest. For larger exhibits, it is, however, possible to provide slightly more space by having the fixed shelf removed. If a project can best be displayed in this way, a request for a display stand without the shelf should be made before the deadline for the receipt of applications (10th June 2003). Failure to make it clear to the Commission by this date that an exhibit requires the shelf to be removed will mean that the project will have to be displayed within the standard dimensions of the display stand. Please note that where the shelf is removed, no table or other surface will be provided.

The stand and electrical connections will be provided by the Hungarian Host national organiser. Contestants who may be anxious to know the precise details of the power supply are advised to inform themselves via their national organiser of the situation in advance of the Contest.

A VHS video recorder and TV monitor can be provided on request; however, only one set recorder and monitor shall be provided for each country. All other equipment (computers, printers, etc.) must be brought by the contestants themselves or rented locally at their own cost. Contestants are strongly advised to insure all their equipment, or in the case of hired equipment, to check that insurance cover is included. The European Commission cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage and the Hungarian Host national organiser will not rent equipment unless it is pre-paid in advance of the Contest.

The Stand


The side walls are 160 cm high and 194 cm wide. The sidewalls are 160 cm high and 100 cm wide. The shelf is 88 cm above the floor. Please take into account that there will be a sign on the top front of the stand indicating the name, project and country of the participant.

Display stand showing maximum dimensions.